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Cranberry Partners with Sage Software for their India Corporate Website Designing and Development.

Cranberry Partners with Sage Software for their India Corporate Website Designing and Development.

Cranberry Partners with Sage Software for their India Corporate Website Designing and Development.

PCI Compliance Certification Services | PCI Security Compliance

Our PCI Certification is a fully managed scanning service that verifies your compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI Compliance is a single security standard which is required to accept credit card transactions from the five major credit card companies. PCI Compliance certifies that your organization takes all necessary steps to protect sensitive customer data and provides a set of standards for your infrastructure and server setup.

With our  PCI Certification our Support experts in networking and security will help design and customize your infrastructure to comply with all applicable security standards. This will ensure that your customers' sensitive data is always protected and that you will not be at risk of fines or permanent expulsion from card acceptance programs. Mindkey Technologies security team will use a comprehensive set of tools to scan your setup at regular intervals to ensure your ongoing compliance with these evolving security standards and perform all necessary corrections.
Requirements for PCI Compliance:
File Integrity and Log Management
Restricted Access to Senstive Data
futuPhysical System Security
futuFirewall Services
futuAnti-virus Protection
futuSSL Certificates
futuIntrusion Detection Tools
futuCustomer Network Scanning Services
futuPatch Management
Having difficulty with PCI compliance?  
We will resolve your PCI compliance issues for as low as $120* per review and resolution session, or your money back. For details, see our Terms of Service below.

For PCI compliance, resolvable issues include:
Weak Supported SSL Ciphers Suites
rightSSL Protocol issues
rightApache UserDir Sensitive Information Disclosure, or UserDir module is enabled
rightWeb Directories Listable Vulnerability
rightThis SMTP server is running on a non-standard port
rightYour computer is responding to scans on this port, port 995
rightOpenSSL Password Interception
rightAnd others.

If your PCI compliance scanning is done by a company other than McAfee Secure that's fine as well. We'll work with your credit card security compliance scanning company until your server meets PCI compliance requirements.

Please call us now if you have further questions.

Of course, any discussions you have with us will remain fully confidential.
We will not reveal our customer list or discuss the names of companies inquiring about this service.

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