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Cranberry Partners with Sage Software for their India Corporate Website Designing and Development.

Cranberry Partners with Sage Software for their India Corporate Website Designing and Development.

Cranberry Partners with Sage Software for their India Corporate Website Designing and Development.

Website Vulnerability Scanner | Online Vulnerability Scanning

A Website and Web Server Security Auditing Service

SCANNER examines your website pages, applications and web servers to find security weaknesses and vulnerabilities that would give hackers an opportunity to do damage. Get the solid facts and recommendations on which you and your IT staff need’s to take corrective action upon. We'll quickly identify the website security issues, including SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS), help’s you secure your site and then test it routinely to keep it secure! Just provide your domain name and SCANNER will do the rest. There is nothing to install and our tests will not disturb your site or visitors.

Test Your Website Security in Minutes
With Web Site Security Audit doing regular scans of your website you will KNOW that it is secure. SCANNER is fast and easy to use vulnerability assessment scanner that will find and describe website weaknesses accurately, rate’s the risk level of each and provide the exact solution for a handling.
Included in our Standard and Advanced services is the Mindkey Technologies Security Seal. Display it on your home and checkout pages to show all visitors that your site is secure. Retail site owners typically find that adding a Mindkey Technologies Security Seal pays for itself with increased sales. Try it now, with 7 days money back guarantee.

SCANNER: Website Security Audit
Get the most complete website security testing, the fastest assessment and reporting, detailed instructions for the correction of vulnerabilities and access to our security professionals for assistance. All accounts start with our 7 days money back guarantee.

Guaranteed - 7 days money back guarantee.
Fast - Find out NOW if you have a problem! Get a report in just hours.
Easy - Nothing to download, nothing to install.
Up To Date - The test database is updated daily with new risks.
Profitable - Improve customer confidence and increase sales by displaying our web site security seal.
Low Impact - No disruption of services or interruption of visitors.
Continuous - Your site is checked daily with our Standard Service.
Thorough - Scans for thousands of flaws, including SQL injection.
Experienced - Based on our service for Fortune 500 customers.
How It Works ?
1. Port Scan - Web Site Security Audit will investigate all services of all the ports on all web servers (web, FTP, mail, Exchange and SQL) plus your firewalls. Whether you have just a blog, or a complex network, we'll find your open ports and identify what services are running on those ports.
2. Vulnerability Scan - At every open port we'll identify every service present and determine how it is configured. These services and configurations are compared to our database of thousands of vulnerabilities. If there is a potential vulnerability, we will actively test it to determine if a weakness exists.
3. Web Site Scan - SCANNER crawls every page of your site and tests every possible entry point against every family of security risk. We have the most in-depth, automated testing for SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) available.
4. Reporting - Our detailed report classifies the risks discovered according to their potential severity. Executive summaries track your overall security 'grade' over time and your progress in eliminating issues.
5. Analysis - Each report includes recommendations on how to handle each security risk.

1. Site owners can use SCANNER to evaluate hosts and service providers. Get the specifics on which your staff and     vendors need’s to take action and the documentation you need to confirm repairs.
2. For Hosts and IT staff: Use SCANNER to appraise decision makers of the importance of security issues and provide   proof that all issues are resolved and your site is clean.
6. Certification - Display the Web Site Security Seal: Improve your visitor's confidence and your sales
Please select the Security Plans from diffrent given options :
Thorough Scanning right right rght
Reveals SQL Injection right right rght
XSS, Remote File Inclusion right right rght
PHP/ASP Code Injection right right rght
Directory Traversal & File Disclosure right right rght
New Risk Test Updates Daily right right rght
False Positive Rate below .01% right right rght
Risk Solution Recommendations right right rght
Complete, Actionable Reports right right rght
Scan Frequency Monthly Monthly Daily
On demand Scan right rght
Scan Report Turnaround      
IPs Scanned 1 1 10
Web Site Security Seal on Your Site right right rght
Security Risk Alerts by Email right right rght
Scan on Your Schedule right right rght
Unlimited Scans on Demand right right rght
24/7 Unlimited Phone Support right right rght
New Vulnerability Alerts right right rght
Setup Fee right right rght
No question money back guarantee      
Monthly Cost 4800.00
Yearly Cost 960.00 1440.00 57600.00
Order Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Our Guarantee.
If within 15 days of sign-up you are unsatisfied with our service for any reason - we will provide a full refund.
SCANNER Features
SCANNER - Web Site Security Audit: Web Site Testing That Will Reveal Code, Operating System, Server and Firewall Risks.
Easy To Set Up
Just give us your domain name or an IP address and our scanning system will audit all points of entry to your web site, firewall or network. There is no software to download, script to install or equipment to purchase. At the completion of each scan we will provide a complete report of the risks we discovered - ranked according to their severity.
The Fastest Report Turnaround in the Industry
Get your reports as fast as within one hour. If you think you may have a security issue, you need to know now. Once you have installed the fix for each issue, get confirmation fast that the new code, patch or update resolved it.
Choose the Scan Frequency You Need: Weekly, Daily or Scan on Demand
Included in Basic Service is one scan a week which is suitable for blogs or sites that do not have credit card processing . For sites that process payment transactions or collect confidential information from site visitors we recommend Standard or Advanced Services and their daily scans. For unlimited scans on demand choose Advanced Service.
Increase Sales with a HostRightNow Security Seal for Your Site
Let your customers know how hard you work to ensure their safety and security. Gain their confidence and increase your sales by installing the HostRightNow Security seal early in the checkout process and on any pages that request customer data. Get the seal with Standard or Advanced Service levels.
New Risk Updates Daily Our security team has decades of cumulative experience and we host the world's most frequently used reference site in the field of internet and network security. We are often the first to discover new attacks and are known as a source of early risk alerts within the security industry. We incorporate newly discovered issues into the SCANNER test database and with each scan you will be notified of any new risks.
False Positive Prevention
Some commonly found combinations of software and hardware can appear to have a high risk even when none exist. SCANNER will perform extra checks to prevent false reports of risks that don't actually exist.
Risk Solution Recommendations
SCANNER provides you and your tech team with specific recommendations that will resolve issues that are discovered. Recommendations may include code revision, settings changes, software updates and operating system patches. Save time on researching for solutions and know that the actions you take will handle the risks we have discovered.
Complete, Actionable Reports
Our online, interactive reports includes an overview for executives to measure progress made in reducing risks. And for the technical staff we provide links to gather more information about each risk and links to equipment vendor sites for updates and patches.
Security Risk Alerts by Email
Receive an email alert when a scan reveals a new security risk on your site or equipment. New risks are discovered and tests to discover them are added to the SCANNER test database often, so your ­ daily scan will occasionally reveal settings or patches that may have been okay yesterday, but  need’s attention attention.
Scan on Your Schedule
Advanced Service includes a scanning schedule function. Get your daily scan done and report delivered at the time of your choice. Make it the first thing your technical staff sees every day.
24/7 Unlimited Phone Support
Call either our US toll free number or UK number and reach a security specialist, day or night. We're here to provide the support you may need to put issue resolution recommendations into action.
New Vulnerability Alerts
Keep up to date on the international security scene with our email alerts. When new hacks are devised and implemented anywhere in the world, our staff will be the first to know. Even if a new vulnerability doesn't affect you now, your familiarity with new developments will help you stay ahead of the game.
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