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Cranberry Partners with Sage Software for their India Corporate Website Designing and Development.

Cranberry Partners with Sage Software for their India Corporate Website Designing and Development.

Cranberry Partners with Sage Software for their India Corporate Website Designing and Development.
Exchange Hosting
Mindkey Technologies is the leader in providing E-mail solution to companies such as banks, airlines, pharmaceuticals and thousands of other public and private companies around the world. Reduce cost, ensure continuous uptime, increase productivity and work from anywhere at any time with our hosted Exchange services. If e-mail is critical to your organization, can you really afford not to have enterprise-class tools? Read more about what hosted Exchange can do for your business.
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500 MB Disk Space 1 GB Disk Space 1 GB Disk Space 1 GB Disk Space
500 MB Mailbox Storage 1 GB MB Mailbox Storage 1 GB MB Mailbox Storage 1 GB MB Mailbox Storage
10 MB Maximum Attachment Size 10 MB Maximum Attachment Size 10 MB Maximum Attachment Size 10 MB Maximum Attachment Size
On Demand Support On Demand Support On Demand Support On Demand Support
IMAP/POP IMAP/POP Active Sync Push Mail Blackberry Push Mail
99.90% Service Level Agreement 99.90% Service Level Agreement 99.90% Service Level Agreement 99.90% Service Level Agreement
Built-in Protection
Anti-spam and Antivirus – This server role is for perimeter network deployment. It supports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) routing, provides anti-spam filtering technologies and support for antivirus extensibility. The Edge Transport server should be isolated from the Active Directory directory services, but can still leverage Active Directory for recipient filtering by using Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM). EdgeSync in Exchange Server 2007 publishes pertinent organization information, encrypted, to the Edge Transport server for use in robust recipient filtering and respects Microsoft Outlook safe sender lists on the Edge. Communications between the Edge Transport server and the internal network in an Exchange Server 2007 organization are encrypted by default.
Confidential Messaging – All mail traveling within an Exchange Server 2007 organization is encrypted by default. Transport Layer Security (TLS) is used for server-to-server traffic, Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is used for Outlook connections, and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) is used for Client Access traffic (Outlook Web Access, Exchange ActiveSync, and Web Services). This prevents spoofing and provides confidentiality messages in transit.
Compliance – Exchange Server 2007 includes a policy engine based on rules that execute on Hub Transport servers. With Transport Rules, administrators and compliance officers can establish and enforce regulatory or corporate policies on internal or outbound e-mail, voice mail, or fax. For example, using a wizard in the Exchange Management Console or the command line in Exchange Management Shell, rules can be written that would prohibit communication between members of distinct distribution lists, append a disclaimer to any message being sent externally, or BCC the compliance officer anytime a specific phrase appears in the subject or content of a message.
Business Continuity – Availability can be increased using continuous replication of data across multiple disks on a single server. This establishes a second copy of the production database on the local server that is kept up-to-date automatically. In the event of a disk failure or data corruption, switching over to the copy database provides a less costly and less complex recovery solution for the administrator.
Calendaring – The Calendar Attendant reduces scheduling conflicts by limiting calendar items (request, declines, accepts) in the inbox to the latest version. The Calendar Attendant also marks meeting requests as tentative on recipient calendars until users can act on the request and relies on the Exchange Server 2007 free/busy Web service for always up-to-date availability information.
Mobile Messaging – Information can be quickly found from a mobile device using the search capability of Exchange ActiveSync. When executing a search from a mobile device, both the local device store and the user’s entire Exchange mailbox are queried. Results found through the over-the-air search of the Exchange mailbox can be rapidly retrieved to the device.
Unified Messaging - Voice mail can now be stored in the mailbox and accessed from a unified inbox in Outlook, Outlook Web Access, on a mobile device, or from a standard telephone. This unification improves employee productivity by simplifying access to the most common types of communications. It also dramatically reduces cost by removing the need for a standalone voice mail system and by taking advantage of any existing investments in Active Directory.
One-Stop Shop for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration SolutionsOutlook Web Access, an AJAX application since its first release with Exchange Server 5.5, provides a rich, Outlook like experience in a browser. New features in Outlook Web Access 2007 enable users to:
Administration and Automation – Improves the graphical user interface for management. Management actions are easily discovered through the action pane, and the navigation tree is simplified to three levels deep. Exchange management and troubleshooting tools are integrated in the toolbox. The Exchange Management Console is built upon the Exchange Management Shell; actions taken in the Console are also available, and visible, through the command line shell. SP2 adds a new user interface for easy configuration and manage of diagnostic logging.
Deployment - Exchange Server 2007 is a modular system of five server roles–Edge Transport, Hub Transport, Mailbox, Client Access, and Unified Messaging – that reduces the time required for installation; minimizes manual, post-install configuration by the administrator; and limits the surface area available for attack to increase security. Administrators also gain the flexibility to deploy only the features and services necessary on a given server and manage accordingly. All server roles, with the exception of Edge Transport, can be deployed on a single server, and only the Hub Transport and Mailbox server roles are required for Exchange Server 2007 installation.
Scalability and Performance - As a native 64-bit application, Exchange can access more memory, ensuring high performance and reliability as mailbox sizes and the number of user accounts per server increase.
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