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Move your domain name to Mindkey Technologies, the original domain name registrar and a full-service online solutions provider. Domain transfers start from $19.00 per domain name and we'll extend your registration free for one year.

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Domain Transfer Between Mindkey Technologies Accounts

Enter your domain names to transfer between Mindkey Technologies accounts or partners at no charge.


All Domain Name Server (DNS) changes must be completed before you request a transfer to Mindkey Technologies. Changes cannot be made to the domain name server while the transfer is in process.

The Transfer Process

You should check that the domain name's administrative contact email address is correct, that the domain name is unlocked and available for transfer, and that you have requested and entered the required authorization code for each domain name you wish to transfer. Next, Mindkey Technologies sends an email to confirm the transfer to the administrative contact for the domain. Then, the administrative contact confirms the transfer via a link in email and notifies the losing registrar to transfer the domain to Mindkey Technologies. The losing registrar releases the domain to Mindkey Technologies and sends an email to you saying that the domain has been successfully transferred. You can now manage your domain through our account management technology.

Domain transfers are usually completed within 5 to 7 days from the date of the initial transfer request. In order to speed up the domain transfer process, the administrative contact should ensure that the domain is unlocked at their current registrar and should respond with a confirmation to the email immediately upon receipt.

The administrative contact has up to 14 days to authorize the transfer from the receipt of the original email. Please note that if the transfer email is not confirmed during this time period, the transfer will fail. You will receive another email once the transfer is successful. You may then begin managing the domain(s) in your Mindkey Technologies account.

Helpful hints to ensure a smooth transfer process:

  • Is the administrative contact's email address correct?
    Check the administrative contact's email address for the domain you want to transfer to ensure that the address is correct. A transfer confirmation email will be sent to the administrative contact from Mindkey Technologies once a transfer request has been submitted. The administrative contact must confirm the domain transfer via a link in the email. HINT: Check the administrative contact's email address in WHOIS
    If you need to update the email address, either login to your current registrar's account and update it online, or call their Customer Service to help with this change. Once you update the email address, it may take up to 48 hours for the confirmation email to reach the administrative contact.
  • Is the domain locked?
    Check your domain's status at your current registrar. Many registrars automatically "lock" the domain to protect it against potential fraudulent transfers. You must unlock the domain at your current registrar before it can be transferred to Mindkey Technologies. You should be able to view the status of the lock setting in the account management system of your current registrar.
    HINT: To unlock your domain, you may call Customer Service at your current registrar and ask them to unlock your domain name or login to your current account with them to turn off the lock feature on the domain(s).
    Once it is unlocked, just have the administrative contact click the link in the email message that they will receive to authorize the transfer to Mindkey Technologies.
  • Other reasons that a transfer is unsuccessful:
    The domain name was registered less than 60 days ago.
    HINT: Wait until the domain name is registered for at least 60 days before you transfer it. You can check the date it was registered in WHOIS.
    The domain name has been transferred to another registrar within the last 60 days.
    HINT: Wait at least 60 days since the last domain transfer to request a new transfer.
  • Has the administrative contact responded to the confirmation email?
    To complete the transfer, the administrative contact receives an email and they must click on the secure link to authorize the transfer. The subject line of the email will be: "Please Confirm Your Domain Name Transfer."
    Once they click on the link within the email, a page will pop up titled "Transfer Your Domain Name Registration." Then they select the Authorize and Submit buttons and the transfer is authorized. Mindkey Technologies will then notify the losing registrar to transfer the domain name to your Mindkey Technologies account.
  • Transferring other extensions to Mindkey Technologies
    The automated online transfer process is available for the following extensions:, .biz,, .bz, .cc, .cn,, .com,,,,,, .info,,, .la, .mobi, .net,, .org,,,,,, .tv, .tw,,, .us,,, and domain names. To transfer other extensions to Mindkey Technologies, you will need to download a transfer request form, complete the required fields on the form, and fax it back to us. The form can be found here (pdf).
  • Do you need to change your domain name servers?
    All Domain Name Server (DNS) changes must be completed before you request a transfer to Mindkey Technologies. Changes cannot be made to the domain name server while the transfer is in process.

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